Matthew Reid | NABU Winemaker | Napa Valley

Making wine is a joy. I was slow to choose a career path because my interests are so diverse. Winemaking allows me to synthesize botany, ecology, fermentation, nature, and art. What could be better?

“I make wine because I love it, it makes me happy, and I want to share that happiness. I hope that when you drink NABU wines the love and happiness they contain are conveyed to you.”

As NABU’s Napa Valley winemaker my creative palette is enhanced by our varied climate and soils. I am continually delighted and amazed at the quality of the grapes I work with. Most winemakers say their goal is to pick great fruit and get out of the way. This self-effacing statement is a convenient fiction that we imagine the public wants to hear. The excellent grapes that I work with for NABU give me a running start on making great wine, but it still requires skill and creativity on my part to make sure the wines reach their fullest potential. This kind of challenge is precisely what makes my job as winemaker at NABU so enjoyable. Cheers! — Matt