B. Alan Geddes | NABU Winemaker | Malibu Coast

One of the first things I discovered as a winemaker, is that you can only make wine as good as the grapes you are given. So for me, it was a straight line to learn as much as I could about the science of Viticulture then adapt it to the rugged, arid and unforgiving micro-climates of Southern California… more specifically, Malibu.

“They said it couldn’t be done (By “They”, I mean everybody north of Malibu) …Dynamic, high-quality wine produced from grapes grown in Malibu. As the Malibu Coast winemaker for NABU Wines, it is a challenge I gleefully accept and embrace every harvest. ”

Every vineyard in every area and canyon comes with its own unique and varying terroir and microclimate that requires that each vineyard be managed and cared for differently. Which, in turn, produces wine grapes of all different varietals with unique and dynamic characteristics that make the Malibu Coast AVA one of the most unique grapes growing areas in all of California.

It is my quest to produce for you, at NABU Wines, the very best wine experience you have ever had. So, it is up to you to taste every Malibu Coast wine that I produce and let me know how I am doing. A challenge that I hope will bring you as much pleasure as I had to produce each unique wine. à ta santé and Enjoy! — B. Alan Geddes